Liptis Pharma Introduces New Concentration of “Atrozemb 40/10

Liptis Pharma, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Egypt and globally, has announced the launch of a new concentration (40/10) of the drug “Atrozemb,” which belongs to the statin group. It contains two components: “Ezetimibe” at a concentration of 10 mg and “Atorvastatin” at variable concentrations of 10 mg, 20 mg, or 40 mg. This expansion brings the available concentrations to (10/10), (20/10), and (40/10).

During a press conference attended by prominent cardiology experts in Egypt, Dr. Lotfi Omar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Liptis Pharma, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing the latest global medications in the Egyptian market. This commitment is upheld through state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and the highest quality standards within its factory in the city of 6th of October. He highlighted that Liptis products are available in 17 countries worldwide, including Egypt and the Middle East, covering various medical specialties, including internal medicine, endocrinology, cardiology, musculoskeletal issues, kidney diseases, and more.

Dr. Lotfi Omar further stated that one of the company’s core strategies is to support Egyptian patients by offering the latest medications at reasonable prices. Additionally, Liptis actively engages in raising public awareness, providing healthcare professionals with diverse medication options to facilitate treatment planning, and participating in continuous medical education through scientific meetings and international conferences to share medical knowledge among healthcare providers. The company is committed to playing a significant role in supporting the healthcare sector in Egypt, improving healthcare quality, and aiding the localization of the pharmaceutical industry in the country.

The Launch was covered by many outstanding media channels including Elghad News, Alnahar, Gomhuria, Elqahira w Elnas, TEN TV, Ahram, Akhbar Elyom, Elbalad News, Doctor News

Liptis Pharma’s Anadar is taking the joint health game to a whole new level. Featuring the potent blend of “D-Glucosamine sulfate” and natural Omega-3

Liptis Pharma, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Egypt and globally, has announced the launch of “Anadar,” a natural remedy for addressing joint and cartilage inflammation and stiffness issues. Anadar capsules contain two key components: “D-Glucosamine sulfate” and Omega-3 fish oil, extracted from natural sources for triple absorption and potency. This powerful blend supports joint and cartilage tissues, marking a pioneering solution in Egypt.

Anadar’s launch event was organized in collaboration with the Egyptian Orthopedic Association (EOA) and made headlines in top media channels including ElGomhoria, Akhbar-Elyom, SoutElmal, Elghad, DoctorNews, Almydannews, AlAhram, Sout-Elmal, Sehatak24, and Aldawla-news, in addition to TV shows in top channels like Elqahira w Alnas, AlNahar, Sada Elbalad, TEN TV

According to Dr. Gamal Hosny, former President of the Egyptian Orthopedic Association (EOA), joint stiffness is a significant global concern, driven by rising life expectancies, resulting in an increased elderly population and subsequently, more individuals experiencing joint stiffness. He explained that joint stiffness encompasses various problems, including inflammation in the synovial membrane affecting cartilage, bone weakening contributing to stiffness, and a decrease in cartilage cells compared to normal.

Surgical interventions pose a considerable burden on many patients, and long-term use of pain relievers can harm the kidneys and liver, especially in individuals over sixty. An integrated approach to address these different aspects of joint stiffness is offered by new-generation products like Liptis’ Anadar, a dietary supplement that can be taken safely over extended periods.

Dr. Hani Mowafi, President of the Egyptian Orthopedic Association, highlighted that joint stiffness results from various factors, including genetics, weight gain, joint pressure from carrying heavy loads, aging, or inflammatory joint conditions. While joint stiffness can affect any joint in the body, the knee joint is often the most affected.

Patients frequently rely on pain relievers, creating long-term health risks. “Anadar,” introduced by Liptis, provides a safe alternative by reducing joint inflammation, restoring mobility, controlling pain, and reducing the need for pain relievers.

Dr. Ahmed Khalif, General Secretary of the Egyptian Orthopedic Association, emphasized that joint and bone stiffness is a prevalent issue in Egypt, and not all patients can undergo surgical treatment. Prolonged use of pain relievers should be avoided, making dietary supplements and supportive medications the preferred solution.

Liptis Pharma is dedicated to providing the latest global medications at affordable prices and actively participates in raising public awareness, supporting healthcare professionals, and contributing to continuous medical education. Their commitment aims to strengthen Egypt’s healthcare sector, enhance healthcare quality, and support the localization of the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt.

Liptis Pharmaceuticals was a platinum sponsor of The Egyptian Arthroscopy Association (EGAA), 10th international congress

During The Egyptian Arthroscopy Association (EGAA) 10th international congress, Liptis Pharmaceuticals had a symposium on Wednesday 24th August, where

Dr. Lotfy Omar, the chairman of Liptis’ board of directors, gave a very insightful talk titled:

Dorofen as a Market Leader

Dr.Lotfy Omar dived deep into the topic highlighting how Dorofen made its way to the top in treating osteoarthritis and why it’s internationally recognized as the market leader. He also pointed out that Dorofen is registered in the US FDA and is listed as a brand name in Martindale pharmacopoeia, the 36th and 38th editions.

Prof. Adel Hamed and Ahmed Abdelaziz acted as chairmen of Liptis’ symposium.

Liptis Pharmaceuticals was a sponsor of The 4th Cardio Kheir Annual Meeting 2022 of El-Kheir Cath lab

It was an honor to sponsor The 4th Cardio Kheir Annual Meeting 2022 of El-Kheir Cath lab.

LIPTIS’ symposium hosted Prof. Antoine Lafont, Paris, France as the speaker giving a talk titled:

Rivaroxaban Superiority in NVAF, What’s new?

Prof. Adel El Etriby, Professor of Cardiology, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, as the chairman.

The 4th Cardio Kheir Annual Meeting 2022 of El-Kheir Cath lab was held on 08 September in collaboration with the Cardiology department at Mansoura University

It was a full-day scientific program covering the most updated important topics in the rapidly developing Interventional Cardiology field. This prestigious meeting included several hands-on workshops and was attended by highly selected eminent professors from all over the whole country who shared their experiences.

Liptis scientific symposium for the CVM range

Due to the high risk associated with Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), we, at Liptis have always considered the Cardiovascular area to be our focus of interest. To support the Cardio medical community, we held a scientific symposium for the CVM range during the period between 22nd to 24th September 2022, where eminent speakers dived into very interesting topics.