Bone, Muscle and Joint medications

LIPTIS is a well-known name among physicians and patients concerned with therapeutic areas including bone, muscle and joint health. LIPTIS’ Dorofen is the market leader for treating osteoarthritis. The trust we gained over the years is not only because of Dorofen but also because we have several highly effective medications treating muscle spasms and gout:

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Chronic diseases such as diabetes, dyslipidemia thrombosis, hypertension, etc are at the heart of LIPTIS Pharmaceuticals. The Cardiometabolic area has always been our focus, so it is covered with more than medications so far and the number is getting bigger:

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Health & Wellness

LIPTIS has a holistic approach toward health and wellness for promoting the well-being of people worldwide with affordable and readily available OTC medications. Liptis’ portfolio promotes your day-to-day health-related issues. For example, we provide highly effective and safe cold and flu medication, weight management products and dietary supplements. At LIPTIS, we believe that your wellness is the key to leading a productive life, and we make sure to provide you with products that promote your health and wellness effectively and safely.

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LIPTIS provides innovative solutions to assist men and women to maintain their sexual heath. We are concerned With treating disorders affecting male and female sexuality and reproductive functions including infertility erectile dysfunctions, prostate disease, sexual hormone deficiency, etc. We are keen on providing highly effective and safe medications that promote male and female sexual well-being now and in the long run. Our medications make life more exciting for everyone.

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